RECYCLING: We’re trying to keep waste to the bare minimum, so if you can be a marvellous camper, please bring along your aluminium cups and you can use them when placing orders at the bar to save on plastic.

NO dogs, we have a petting zoo.

NO open fires to be lit on the BYO. There is a dedicated braai area at our BOMA – next to bar and shows.


NO sound systems/movies to be played at any of our camp sites.

NO MOOP : Matter Out Of Place

NO firearms, fireworks, rockets and other explosives.

NO Motorbikes


Map of the camp sites


Can I buy a day pass?
Unfortunately no day visitors are allowed. Tickets include accommodation & entry for the full period of the festival, the alternative is to buy a BYO ticket which will give you access for the 4 days of the festival if you would like to drive in and out. All tickets must be bought online. We will not be selling tickets at the doors.
Refunds & Re-selling of tickets
We do not give refunds, but we suggest to try sell your ticket on our Facebook Page. They go fast! When you sell your ticket, it is only allowed to be sold on the Wolfie Familie Festival Facebook page at face value. Please mail us your ref code and the new owner of the ticket’s ID number for check-in purposes.
What is included in my ticket?
Your ticket includes your accommodation & entry to the 4 day festival and all shows and activities part of it


Can I camp in my own mobile home, trailor, caravan, camper?
Mobile home area will be in the Bring Your Own second camp site (LOST VALLEY). You may bring along your mobile home may it be a trailor, caravan or camper van. You will be energy self efficient. A fire distinguisher is a MUST!. Remember to still buy your adult & kiddies tickets in the BYO second camp site depending on the amount of people you are. Maximum 6 people per mobile home.


Bring your own water bottles and aluminium cups
Bar Facility?
There will be a bar service running all weekend selling basic refreshments, juices and water.
Can I bring my own food, braai & alcohol?
Moms remember to pack snacks for toddles – you know best. Pack your food, cutlery/crockery/utensils as to how you would normally prepare for a camping weekend away. No open fires allowed. We will have dedicated braai safe zones. You are allowed to bring your own alcohol but this is a family festival and excessive use will not be tolerated.


LUX RIVER FRONT CAMPING: We will provide braai drums & grids for villages.

BYO CAMPING: No open fires are allowed at BYO camping, if you would like to braai we will have dedicated braai areas at the BOMA.

This is a festival and different rules apply as to normal camping weekends to fire & safety insurance and public law.

Will there be drinking water?
We will be selling water at the bar


What is the bathrooms & camp site like?
Hot showers & toilets you will find at the communal bathrooms. There are only showers no baths. Power points will be supplied at the LUX and Comfy camping options. Please have a look at the ticket site what each type of ticket includes.

Moms bathing babies: please bring along your own basin. Check your ticket option if you will have a power point to boil your kettle. If you are camping at the basic camp site, remember to bring along your gas stove and pots to heat up water.

Is there a communal kitchen & fridges?
There is a communal kitchens with fridges at each camp site but we suggest to bring along your cooler box, as ice will be sold at the event. We will not take responsibility if somebody else took your peanut butter smoothie out of the fridge 😉


Can I bring my doggie?
Unfortunately no pets are allowed, there will be an animal garden for you to play with all kinds of animals if you miss yours to much


Will there be baby sitters?
There will be no baby sitters, as we hope for families to spend quality time together. 


Will there be medical help?
There will be medics and life guards on site. Please be careful when you take part in activities. Parents please be watchful over the energetic little ones