Jungle Theatre Company

Jungle Theatre Company makes Original African Theatre connecting people’s hearts to nature, community and culture.
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Psychedelic Theatre

We specialize in Custom Shows, Fire Shows, Interactive Shows, Light Shows, Roaming Acts and Wedding Shows.
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Joy Movement

Intimate Theatre, games for families & PopUP Creativity to enthuse more creative vibe.
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Secret Sunrise

Welcome to the guided dance which celebrates the morning sunrise. Instructors, silent headphones and the most epic way to start a day in the 21st century.
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Basson Loubscher

Basson Laubscher brings his eclectic mix of soul, boogie, americana and swamp blues rock goodness to his latest offering, Testify! So get ready for a baptism of pure guitar bliss and dirty rock and roll and testify brothers and sisters!
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Healing Daydream Wellness Spa

Healing Daydream Wellness Spa will be pampering us for the whole weekend. Look out under the big tree, for sheer wonderfullness.

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