2025 Upcoming Event



7 – 9 March 2025

After 6 very successful events, we are delighted to announce the new dates for 2025.

Wolfie Familie Festival will have entertainment for the whole family especially our klein wolfies, including fun parks for all ages, pop-up theaters, live music, an animal garden, kiddies crafty activities for all ages, meeting your superheroes, star gazing shows, canoeing, bonfire stories and loads more mind boggeling activities incoming.

This year there will be allot of new activities taking place and we invite you to please recommend people that would like to get involved in the festival.

For live updates on shows and the activity line-up please follow our Facebook page and/or website.

For our young entrepreneurs we encourage you to sell your own products on the Saturday from 14:00 – 17:00 in the “STARS OF THE FUTURE” garden. Email us at howl@wolfie.co.za to inform us so that we know how many groups will be selling.

Gather your Wolfie Familie Pack, and come and spend some quality family time alongside the Olifants River! Ahooooooooooooo!!!!


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